Running Home

This may be the first Christian Novel that has been translated into Farsi.  

Running Home


This may be the first Christian Novel that has been translated into Farsi.  

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This may be the first Christian Novel that has been translated into Farsi.  

One man’s search for family… and the unthinkable happens. An inspirational Mystery. An action-packed drama. 

This is how Sammy Tippit explains its beginnings: Writing Running Home has truly been a team effort. The journey began when I attended a “Fiction Boot Camp” led by Jerry B. Jenkins. He assembled an incredible team of mentor/teachers. It was at the boot camp that God birthed this story in my heart. I’m so thankful to the novelists who poured into me and the other students. Jerry B. Jenkins, DiAnn Mills, James Scott Bell, and Dr. Dennis Hensley provided an understanding of what it takes to write a captivating story.

What leaders say about Running Home (at the bottom of this page):

Code: T01

Cover: Paperback

Author: Sammy Tippit

Translator: Marguerite Maghen

Publisher : 222 Publications

Date of Publishing: December 2017

Size: 21 x 14 x 1.5 cms

Weight : 410 grams

No. of Pages: 255

What Leaders say about this book:


Radio Talk Show Host

“From the first paragraph, Sammy Tippit’s new novel grabs you by the throat and refuses to let go. Running Home is a powerful story of redemption, revival and hope. “Riveting” has become a cliché for a literary piece, but it is absolutely appropriate for this wonderful book. It is literally difficult to stop reading as you are continually drawn into the story of a man’s search for a place he can call home and the family he craves. You will be blessed, encouraged, challenged and convicted when you read Running Home!”

Bob Burney, Host – Bob Burney Live President CrossPower Ministries

Elite Athlete

“By page three, I was very interested in continuing my journey into Win’s life. The book had me dialed in early. It prompts you to push the pause button and ask, ‘How am I living?’ Sammy’s passion for prayer, healing and revival demonstrates the transformative power that only God possesses.”

Kevin L. Morning, M.S.
Masters Athlete of the Year on three occasions and two times World Record Holder at 200 meters for 45 – 49 year olds and 4 x 400 meter relay for 40 – 49 year olds.

Prayer Leader

“Running Home will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s a ‘can’t put it down until finished’ story filled with drama and suspense. The best part, however, is the message of prayer, repentance, and revival that stirs your heart and soul. I highly recommend it; in fact, I’m going to read it again while I’m waiting for the next in the series!”

Glenn Sheppard, President – International Prayer Ministries


“Good stories hold your interest, but the best ones make you care. This one made me care—about the characters, their choices, and the true-to-life situations they encountered.”

Tim Grissom, Senior Editor FamilyLife Publishing


Family Leader

“Human trafficking and freedom, worldliness and holiness, sin and redemption, brokenness and reconciliation, rebellion and revival, desperation and prayer –– Sammy Tippit sets it all in a gripping story about the real stuff of life that pulled me in from page one. In this age of godlessness, Running Home is a powerful reminder of what happens when sin meets grace. Sammy has given the body of Christ a suspenseful drama containing a much-needed biblical blueprint for revival in our broken world.”

Rev. Buddy Smith, Senior Vice President American Family Association


“Running Home tells the compelling story of a man who returns home to make things right, but things go wrong. Sammy Tippit presents flawed characters, like us, who experience failure and redemption, brokenness and healing. Set against the backdrop of south Louisiana and competitive running, this book weaves together unique story elements that will challenge and inspire.”

Dr. Brent Saathoff, Pastor CityChurch West – San Antonio, Texas

Denominational Leader

Running Home is a thrilling, page-turning story, juxtaposing multiple scenarios that lead into an amazing tale of redemption and the positive results impacting a number of unsuspecting people.”

Dr. Wayne Sheppard, Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of the Louisiana Baptist Convention