I Dared to Call Him Father

I Dared to Call Him Father


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Bilquis Sheikh’s family was known throughout India and Pakistan as the Hayats of Wah.

She had been a hostess to diplomats and industrialists from all over the world, and had also been accustomed to travelling in various parts of the world.

This is an intriguing account of Bilquis Sheikh. This prominent Muslim woman in South Asia faced the issues of surrendering herself completely to Christ and experienced the results of such surrender. A series of strange dreams turned her life upside down that caused her to seek after God.

On April 9, 1997 Bilquis Sheikh went to be with her Lord. This was a woman who learned to live in God’s presence and was used by Him to share her powerful testimony in many parts of the world.

By: Belgheis Sheikh and Richard Shneider
Published by: Baker Publishing Group
No. of Pages: 222
Weight: 219 g.
Size: 21×14× 1.4
ISBN: 09-9062-975-7